XPS Sheets

Styroboard XPS has been assessed in accordance with the test methods employed by Standards Australia to determine its true physical properties, which are shown below.

Foamex's range of XPS sheets have a square edge profile and come in a standard size of 2400mm L x 600mm W, however, additional sizes may be available upon request.

Please note some sizes require a lead time of 8 – 10 weeks.

Physical Properties

Styroboard XPS Type

Styroboard 350

Panel Surface


Edge Profile

Square Edge

Length x Width 

2400mm x 600mm

Nominal Density (kg/m3)

32 - 36


Nominal Thermal Resistance R-Value K-Value Relevant Test Method
Thickness 20mm 0.71R 0.028 AS-2464.5 // ASTMC518
Thickness 25mm 0.89R 0.028 AS-2464.5 / / ASTMC518
Thickness 30mm 1.07R 0.028 AS-2464.5 / / ASTMC518
Thickness 40mm 1.43R 0.028 AS-2464.5 / / ASTMC518
Thickness 50mm 1.79R 0.028 AS-2464.5 / / ASTMC518
Thickness 75mm 2.68R 0.028 AS-2464.5 / / ASTMC518


Properties       Relevant Test Method
Min. compressive strength, measured parallel to rise 2% 10% Yield AS-2498.3 / / ASTM D1621
Thickness 20mm on request >220 >220  
Thickness 25mm on request >250 >250  
Thickness 30mm on request >250 >250  
Thickness 40mm on request >300 >300  
Thickness 50mm >200 >350 >350  
Thickness 75mm >300 >350 >350  
Rate of vapour transmission, max. measured parallel to rise at 23 ͦC, dry con data-label=" "ditions 125 μg/m2s     AS-2498.5
Max. dimensional stability of length, width and thickness, 7 days at 70 ͦC, dry conditions <1%     AS-2488.6
Flame Propagation Characteristics:        
Median flame duration, max. 1.5s     AS-2122.1
Eighth value, max. 2.5s     AS-2122.1
Median volume, retained 70%     AS-2122.1
Eighth value, min. 60%     AS-2122.1
Min. thermal resistance (50mm sample), at a mean temperature of 25 ͦC 1.79 m2K/W     AS-2464.5 / ASTMC518
Water absorption, max 1.7% vol/vol     AS-2498.8


The information submitted in this publication is based on our current knowledge and experience. In view of the many factors that may affect processing and application, this data does not relieve the purchaser of the responsibility of carrying out their own tests and experiments; neither do they imply any legally binding assurance of certain properties or of suitability for a specific purpose. It is the responsibility of those to whom we supply our products to ensure that any proprietary rights and existing laws and legislation are observed.Australian Made Full Colour Logo Web

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