The high compressive strength and moisture resistant properties of Styroboard™ XPS also makes it an ideal material to use across a number of creative applications, such as model making and custom designed creative displays.

Events & Props

Halloween Gravestone 10

Polystyrene has long been used in the creation and building of movie sets and TV props. Being lightweight, reusable, long-lasting and easy to move around, Styroboard™ XPS extruded polystyrene sheets are ideal for creating customized creative displays and props for events or theatre productions.

The closed cell structure of Styroboard™ XPS means your props can be easily cut, sanded and painted to give you the desired special effects you require. And, being slightly heavier than standard EPS, Styroboard™ XPS will give you the durability and transportability often needed for productions and events.

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Model Making

Model Train

The lightweight nature, compressive strength and sculpting capacity of Styroboard™ XPS makes it an ideal material for model making, including model railways, boats and architectural modelling sculptures.

The rigid foam provides a strong, yet flexible modelling material that is resistant to water absorption. Additionally, the unique closed cell structure of the extruded polystyrene sheets allow model makers to accurately shape and carve foam boards in aerofoil profiles required for marine models. Furthermore, Styroboard™ XPS extruded polystyrene sheets are impervious to moisture uptake and moisture ingress when used in non-submersible model builds.

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