Styroboard™ EPS sheets and blocks are a highly versatile material suitable for use across the commercial and retail environment as custom signage, in shop fittings, and as theatre props. Its lightweight nature and long lasting properties make it ideal for these creative applications.


Signage & Lettering

Formula One F1 Polystyrene

Looking for more creativity and imagination in your signage to attract a customer’s attention? Then consider 3D advertising signage as the first thing everyone sees when visiting your establishment.

Styroboard™ EPS expanded polystyrene is an ideal, low cost solution for signage and lettering due to its durability, lightweight, cost, versatility and overall ease of use. Styroboard™ EPS is widely used in the production of the highest quality foam core monument signs, plaques, foam sculptures, dimensionally carved signs and other custom foam products.

Styroboard™ EPS blocks can be hotwire cut into a range of original and imaginative signs and letter designs. We can recreate your logo, any messages or images you need with computer precision, and letters and signs can be painted in your corporate colours.

Visit our gallery to view examples of retail signage and lettering, or send us an enquiry below.


Shop Fittings


Create eye catching and long lasting shop displays using Styroboard™ EPS high quality expanded polystyrene sheets and blocks. Suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor applications, Styroboard™ EPS is lightweight, cost effective, and easy to move and mount.

From mannequins to display heads, shop window concepts and product showcases, Styroboard™ EPS can be hotwire cut into a range of imaginative shapes and designs for unique shop fitting displays that will attract customer attention.

Visit our gallery to view examples of retail shop displays, or send us an enquiry below.


Events & Props

Binnale Custom Design Polystyrene Chain

Bring your theatre production or corporate even to life with Styroboard™ EPS expanded polystyrene. The lightweight and durable nature of Styroboard™ EPS makes it ideal for oversized theatre and set props, allowing for ease of movement and safer handling. 

Easily carved into whatever shape or design required, Styroboard™ EPS can be made to look like any other type of material - metal, wood, stone, etc. Styroboard™ EPS blocks and sheets are also water resistant and more durable and cost effective than any fibreglass alternative, making it an ideal solution for props.

Visit our gallery to view examples of event displays and props, or send us an enquiry below.

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