Styroboard™ EPS expanded polystyrene sheets, blocks and profile shapes are a proven and extremely versatile material. They can be used across the construction and building industry for insulation or decorative purposes, and are also suitable for use in the commercial and retail environment as signage, shop fittings and theatre props.

Durable and long lasting, Styroboard™ EPS is lightweight for easy application, offers outstanding acoustic benefits, and provides superior thermal insulation performance. Weather resistant and CFC free, Styroboard™ EPS is manufactured to Australian Standards and also complies with Australian Building Codes.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable and sturdy for long lasting results
  • Versatile & light weight for easy installation, handling and transportation
  • Cost effective, economical and affordable
  • Excellent thermal capabilities and acoustic benefits
  • Weather resistant with low moisture absorption 
  • Protects from extremes of temperature and noise
  • Retains its structural integrity ensuring long term R values
  • Environmentally responsible - no CFCs
  • Fully recyclable to reduce waste in the environment
  • Australian owned, operated and manufactured
  • Complies with Australian Building Standards AS1366 Part 3 – 1992

Fire Properties

All Styroboard™ EPS products are manufactured from a fire retardant raw material, and do not present as a fire hazard when correctly installed. The polystyrene will burn when in contact with a flame, like other organic materials, but it will self-extinguish when the fire source is removed.

Environmental Properties

The manufacture of Styroboard™ produces no ozone depleting gases and uses no CFCs. For each kilogram of oil used in the manufacture of Styroboard™ EPS insulation, savings of up to 200kg of heating fuel can be made over the average life of a house. In turn this plays a positive role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and the effects of global warming.

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