Why Choose PurlinK Rigid Roof Insulation Spacers for Commercial Application?



PurlinK® rigid roof insulation spacers are specifically designed to help reduce the amount of heat loss in commercial roof decking applications. In action, PurlinK® provides a thermal break, giving the insulation time to recover its nominal thickness which results in maximised thermal efficiency and increased thermal resistance or R-values.

Foamex developed PurlinK® rigid roof insulation to inhibit thermal bridging. Also known as heat bridge or cold bridge, thermal bridging can be responsible for an estimated 30% heat loss when there is a break in the insulation within the building envelope.

Thermal bridging usually occurs in the following sites:

  • Junctions between roof and wall
  • Junctions between wall and floor
  • Cable and pipe holes
  • Window and door reveal

PurlinK® rigid roof insulation spacers are made with high-quality extruded polystyrene that delivers the ultimate compressive strength, resistance to water, and ability to maintain long-term thermal performance. They are intended to regulate indoor temperatures right from the roof which is the direct recipient of heat and ultraviolet rays.

What are the Benefits of PurLink® Rigid Roof Insulation Spacers?

  • Maintain long-term R-values
  • Dimensional stability with high compressive strengths
  • Lightweight, flexible material
  • Water and vapour resistant
  • Compliant with Australian building codes and standards and BCA thermal bridging conditions

PurLink® commercial roof insulation spacers are available with a double-sided tape system for fast and smooth installation. Foamex uses state-of-the-art hotwire cutters to manufacture 1.4 km of PurLink® in just one cutting pass.

To learn more about PurLink® commercial roof insulation spacers, send us an enquiry today.

Article originally published on SpecNet.com.au

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