Make your brand shine with expanded polystyrene 3D signage


Regardless of the industry you work in, creative signage is a great medium for raising the profile of your business and elevating awareness of your brand. Great signage, when executed with true creativity and imagination, can stop passers-by and would-be customers in their tracks. It may even be the difference between someone doing business with your company instead of with your competitors.

The most eye-catching type of signage is 3D signage. Unlike traditional signage on flat 2D surfaces, 3D signage really pops and grabs the attention of people who see it. It’s a more tangible and visually appealing medium that can draw people into your message much more effectively than traditional signage. 

The most versatile material for 3D signage

Did you know that expanded polystyrene is arguably the most versatile material for creating 3D signage? The benefits that expanded polystyrene offers for 3D signage are numerous and include low cost, durability, lightweight (ease of transportation and installation), versatility and overall ease of use.

Styroboard™ blocks from Foamex can be expertly hotwired into any original and imaginative signage and letter designs that you can think of. If you’d like something simple, such as recreating your logo, company name, or brand messaging in 3D using expanded polystyrene, we can do that and safely ship it to you. If you’d like something more cutting edge that will truly push the boundaries of what can be achieved with 3D signage, we can take your vision and work with you to design it and bring it to life.

It’s worth noting that when we create 3D signage, we can put any number of finishes on it to make it fit for your needs. Yes, it’s polystyrene, but it often won’t look like it. For example, in 2019 we created 3D signage for a luxury experiential brand for a new product launch. Needing signage befitting of the luxury nature of the brand, we created their 3D signage with a PVC CNC cut mirrored finish. This involved installing a silver, mirror-like reflective backing (attached to a PVC plastic facing), then attaching that lightweight plating to the face of the CNC cut polystyrene lettering. The result was nothing short of stunning – a metallic, reflective finish that looked like stainless steel rather than the polystyrene that it was.


3D signage for all occasions and industries

At Foamex, we have used Styroboard™ EPS to create 3D depictions of mannequins, display heads, and shop window concepts. We often help clients make a big splash with eye-catching 3D signage for new product showcases. Styroboard EPS from Foamex is a lightweight, durable and cost-effective material, making it ideal for long lasting or short-term shop fittings.

But it’s not just imaginative shop fittings and store window designs for the retail industry that benefit from 3D signage in Styroboard™ EPS. Over the last couple of years we have created Styroboard™ EPS expanded polystyrene 3D signage for Tennis Australia, for the official launch of the Australian Open.

Supercharge your brand with 3D signage from Foamex

If you want to truly raise the profile of your business, Foamex can help with creatively designed and expertly produced 3D signage. Contact us today to get started.


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