Improve the thermal performance of your home with EPS

When choosing to renovate or extend your home, the planning stage can be extensive before any building works even begin. All too often energy efficiency doesn’t get factored into the planning, instead focusing on the design and increase in floor space. However, home renovation or extension is the ideal time to improve the energy efficiency of your home for long term gain.

Expanded polystyrene is the ideal solution for building. Lightweight, strong and clean, polystyrene sheets for building are also highly valued for their thermal properties, providing think layers of insulation from temperature and noise. Performance wise, EPS has much better thermal properties than traditional brick veneer and is highly weather and moisture resistant when installed correctly.

Traditional brick veneer walls offer a R-value of 0.45which does not meet the recommended levels of thermal resistance.

Depending on your choice of thickness for expanded polystyrene, this translates to being only between 18% and 45% as
effective as expanded polystyrene which has an R-value of up to 2.78.

Ideal for home renovations and extension, polystyrene sheets and boards when rendered deliver a modern finish while adding layers of insulation to your home, making it more energy efficient.

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