Get noticed with EPS 3D signage and lettering

EPS 3D Signage Brisbane

3D signage is the first thing everyone sees, it has a unique look and feels that other signs can’t quite match.  The depth of 3D signs serves to grab the eye in a completely different way from a traditional or digital sign – making an immediate impact on your business.

Expanded polystyrene, or EPS as it is known, is an ideal solution for 3D low-cost signage and lettering due to its durability, lightweight, cost, versatility and overall ease of use.

Versatility – Expanded polystyrene blocks can be hotwire cut into a range of original and imaginative signs and letter designs. We can recreate your logo, any messages or images you need with computer precision. Letters and signs can be painted in corporate or your nominated colours.

Cost-efficient – 3D signage can also be a highly cost-efficient form of advertising.

Visually appealing – An obvious advantages of 3D signage and lettering is its standout impact and attractive styling. Its eye-catching look and feel can attract potential customers even if they are only passing by your establishment.

Durability - As a highly versatile material, EPS can be easily shaped and are waterproof so they make highly effective, durable and long lasting 3D signage and lettering.

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