Foamex supports 2019 Australian Open tennis championship

Australian Open

At Foamex we use our proprietary Styroboard™ ™ EPS sheets and blocks to deliver a number of creative applications for our clients, from signage, lettering and shop fittings, to events and props. The lightweight nature and long-lasting properties of Styroboard™ ™ EPS make it ideal for such creative applications.

Tennis Australia, the governing body for tennis in Australia, recently engaged Foamex to produce Styroboard™  EPS expanded polystyrene 3D signage for the official launch of the 2019 Australian Open, one of only four annual grand slam tennis championships.

For the function, which took place in early October 2018, Tennis Australia tasked us with producing a rush order for large Styroboard™ EPS 3D signage that read “#AUSOPEN”. The seven letters and hashtag in the sign each individually measured 120cm x 120cm x 80cm, making the total dimensions of the sign 960cm x 120cm x 80cm.


Exceeding client expectations

The official launch of the 2019 Australian Open is a major media event for Tennis Australia, and VIPs in attendance on the day included Victorian Minister for Sport, Tourism and Major Events, John Eren MP, and Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley. So it was critical that we delivered the signage on time and to the expectations of our client.

We achieved this by delivering the solution Tennis Australia required, when they required it. Commenting on our work, a spokesperson for Tennis Australia said, “It looks amazing, everyone is very excited. Thanks so much for helping us out with the rush order.”

Our “#AUSOPEN” Styroboard™ EPS 3D signage will be used by Tennis Australia at various events during the 2019 Australian Open, a globally watched sporting event that takes places at Melbourne Park from January 14-27.


Creative signage in EPS

If you are looking for a more imaginative solution for your signage needs, Styroboard™ EPS expanded polystyrene 3D advertising signage may be the answer you need to more creatively showcase your company.

Our proprietary Styroboard™ EPS expanded polystyrene is widely used in the production of the highest quality foam core monument signs, plaques, foam sculptures, dimensionally carved signs and other custom foam products. Styroboard™ EPS is an ideal, low cost solution for signage and lettering due to its durability, lightweight, cost, versatility and overall ease of use.

Styroboard™ EPS blocks can be hotwire cut into a range of imaginative sizes and 3D shapes to create original, eye-catching signs and letter designs. See more of our 3D signage and lettering work here.

If you are looking to have your logo, corporate messages or images recreated in 3D with computer precision, contact your local Foamex sales office today to find out how we can help you.

A nationally recognised leader in polystyrene production and a member of the EPSA, Foamex produces a range of foam products for a number of applications, including expanded polystyrene sheets and blocks, extruded polystyrene sheets, roof, ceiling, wall, slab and underfloor insulation. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated company with branches across Australia.

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