Foamex Polystyrene features in Sydney Biennale Artwork

sydney biennale artwork polystyrene

Showcasing unique work using unique shapes and forms, the 18th Biennale of Sydney art festival opened today, exhibiting the works of 100 artists from 44 countries.

One of the largest displays is by artist Peter Robinson and features Polystyrene shapes and blocks. The display is called Snow Ball Blind Time. Foamex supplied the cut chain links to size that link the pieces together in the instillation.

Speaking of his use of Polystyrene, Artist Peter Robison said the following.

“My use of polystyrene over the last few years has been a somewhat self-parodying, self-defeating enterprise as it is a material that … seems truly invented for fabricating corruptible artifices, brittle fantasies, luminous delusions. "

The Biennale of Sydney has taken months of preparation, with almost half of the artists creating artworks specifically for the event.



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